Taking the Leap

Well, this is it.  After talking about it for years, we’re fleeing the (so-called) heartland and heading for the freedom of the mountains.  We put our house on the market on a Monday evening and it sold by Wednesday afternoon.  Negotiations included an agreement of not surrendering possession until July, meaning we had time to find a house in Boulder,  allowed for the 11 year old to finish the school year and each of us to deal with our respective employment circumstances.  It was actually some less than friendly employment circumstances that gave us the final nudge we needed and here we are.

People do this, you know (though, rarely anyone from Oklahoma).  They pack up and move – take their savings and just start over, somewhere else.  They reach a point of, ‘I’m tired of talking about this, thinking about this, wishing this – I get one life and I’m not going to spend it in one place that I don’t like because I’m too scared to try and make it elsewhere.’  At least, that’s the point I reached.  There is a difference between living responsibly and living in fear.  I don’t want to look back someday and realize, I only ever did the latter.  But before I get too righteous with my sense of adventure, I admit I chuckled at the statistics I read last week that professionals in their late 30s and early 40s are the exact people who do this very thing.  Apparently, we are not so unique.

Still, I’ll tell a secret.  I’m terrified.  Though I do think it’s the right move for us, I certainly WANT to do it, I’m actually a little in love with the idea and so many things have fallen into place the way we needed, it’s been a little astounding, if not downright eery.  Even with all that, though, occasionally the nervous excitement and exhaustion in trying to get this done gives way to absolute terror of leaving friends, family, community, familiarity … oh, familiarity.

But … there are some pretty stark contrasts between Oklahoma City and Boulder, Colorado, and they certainly don’t stop at the scenery.  I dwell on those for a while, and I start itching to fill suitcases.

So, the adventure begins it seems.  It kind of already has.



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