Observations From a Temporarily Childless Home

We have reached the end of week one of the Divine Miss M’s two-week sleep-away camp.  I can’t help but notice a few strange occurrences.

1.  Even though only 1/3 of our usual residents is missing, food lasts twice as long and laundry has decreased by half.  Interesting.

2. There is an odd void of complaints right before the dogs and cat are fed. I’m sure the animals find this odd as well considering the incessant complaining that usually precedes their mealtimes.

3.  The doors in our house have mercifully ceased their slamming. Though I have pleaded with them to close more quietly for months, this week they suddenly acquiesced.  Mysterious.

4.  Similar to the doors, the TV has become much more cooperative, no longer stubbornly insisting to be on constantly in spite of my directives to the contrary.

5.  Even our vehicles have become more friendly, using significantly less gas this week.  I’m sure their usual consumption has nothing at all to do with the Divine since she sat in a dr’s office just last month and answered the question of what she’s been doing this summer with “Nothing, really.”

6. When parents and campers gathered in a circle on drop-off day, the director asked what some of the kids were looking forward to most.  There were random but specific answers of mountain biking, rock climbing, stand-up paddleboarding, white water river rafting … you get the idea. When he asked what parents were looking forward to most, there was just pure, spontaneous laughter.  And trust me, I was chuckling right along with them.   My final observation though, is this: In the midst of photographs a certain camp posts each night, just a few pictures of one smiling face was remarkably effective early in the week at helping me relax and breathe a little easier. I’m guessing among all of us chuckling parents, I wasn’t alone in that. ; )


Heading out for Mountain Biking

Heading out for Mountain Biking


Rock Climbing - Her favorite.  And I am so jealous of that scenery!

Rock Climbing – Her favorite. And I am so jealous of that scenery!







Celebrating the descent. ; )

Celebrating the descent. ; )






Yay, a picture without a helmet on her head!

Yay, a picture without a helmet on her head!


And I’m trying not to think about the mountain of laundry that will be in our basement next Saturday evening … 
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2 Responses to Observations From a Temporarily Childless Home

  1. Kristin S says:

    Hope all those doors, appliances and animals are still doing as well as they did the week you wrote this…

    How absolutely fabulous that the camp posts photos of the kids. I would love that!

    • Jen says:

      The doors are probably a little worse for wear at this point. The moodiness of tweens is not to be underestimated. Goodness.

      The pics were great. They were a nice reassurance that didn’t interfere with the independence of the campers.

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