Embarrassing Mom Moments

images-2You know those moments as a parent when your child says something in front of someone else and you wish the Earth would just open up and swallow you whole?  No?  Well then, you’re luckier than I.  The Divine Miss M has blessed us with many such moments.

M spent an afternoon at her friend’s house last week and I went to retrieve her after work.  This particular friend was at her Dad’s house.  This Dad and I chatted before heading downstairs to tell M it was time to go.  In fact, he and I had just finished having a discussion about how grateful we are that our girls are not into the whole “boy” thing yet – which was, of course, my first mistake since taking a moment to bask in gratefulness related to your child’s behaviour, outloud no less, is just asking for trouble.

He and I wandered into the basement where M and her friend were playing with an incredibly large dollhouse filled with furniture and little people of varying sizes. M was holding a Barbie doll in one hand, which surprised me since I’ve not known her to do anything with Barbies in eons beyond tattoo them, and a smaller dollhouse size man in another.   After telling her it was time to go and just as I was about to say something to the Dad, M says, “Let me just put these two away.  Poor Barbie, every night when these two go to bed she just ends up frustrated.”

My eyes met the Dad’s for about a second and then *silence.*

I’m certain my faced turn red because my first coherent thought was that it seemed really hot in there all of a sudden.  There I was, the lesbian Mom, with a twelve year old talking about … well, what the h*ll was she talking about??  I squeaked out some question that I think was about as eloquent as, “Um, frustrated?” And M said, in a tone that indicated I was completely inept for not getting this already, “Well, yes, because she’s so much longer than the dollhouse furniture. Her legs hang off the end.”

Awwww, well yes, that explains it.  I heard the Dad chuckle, I think.  I’m really not sure as I never made eye contact again and just shuffled us out of there quickly.  I’ve already told Jodi, next time we have to go over there, she’s going instead. ; )

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8 Responses to Embarrassing Mom Moments

  1. Tribal Member says:

    I just love that girl! I think my favorite embarrassing story of yours involves Nike and a repairman. I know it doesn’t involve The Divine, but it was hysterical nonetheless. Are your ears turning red? 🙂


  2. Jennifer Gaines says:


  3. Allyson says:

    I am reading this out loud to my mom and we are laughing hysterically. Gosh, our kids are going to be great friends. Side-splitting funny!

  4. Claire Lopez says:

    OMG! That was hilarious!

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