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She’s supposed to kill the spiders!

Does anyone else ever wake up from a dream mad at their spouse?  This occasionally happens at our house. I’m sure no-one will be surprised the dreams are usually mine and Jodi is the target of my ire.  One would … Continue reading

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Satan & My Wife

As you all know, we escaped moved from Oklahoma one and a half years ago.  Shortly after our departure, (and yes, I’m sure the timing was merely coincidental) Oklahoma’s brilliant state officials erected  a Ten Commandments monument on the north … Continue reading

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We’ve Got Cards

Jodi’s birthday is in two days (though believe me, she’s all about claiming the whole week.  I jokingly resist her efforts but the truth is she’s definitely worthy of a week’s celebration, especially since the Divine Miss M is still … Continue reading

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Losing & Winning

Searching for a job is obviously the last level of hell. I once thought it was moving – you know, the perpetual packing and the boxes and the paper and the junk that multiplies even as you’re trying to purge … Continue reading

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Adoption Day! – “Why do you think she’ll be a good parent?”

When this post hits my blog, my family will be in a courtroom where Jodi is officially adopting the Divine Miss M.  She will finally be recognized as a full and equal parent under the law and soon, we’ll all … Continue reading

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Parenting Moments When You Know You Haven’t Totally Screwed This Up

Every now and then in the midst of the everyday and the good and bad parenting moments, you’ll have a moment of parental magic.  Usually the moment has little to do with you and everything to do with your child … Continue reading

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I have found my people!

So, we’re keeping the Artist’s daughter, aptly dubbed the Actress, for a few days while the Artist is out of state.  Luckily, we like the Actress in more than just the obligatory way you sometimes have to like your friend’s … Continue reading

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Adventures at the DMV

I went to get a Colorado driver’s license this morning.  My visit lasted over two hours.  Yes, over TWO hours.  And involved flies and maybe zombies.  All the better since I already possess a CO driver’s license.  However, since I … Continue reading

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Summer Camp Sendoff

So, you know how I was really, really, really ready for the Divine Miss M to go to camp?  You know what will stop a mom in her tracks no matter how far beyond the end of her rope she … Continue reading

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What Marriage Equality Means Across 50 States – Representing Colorado!

Thanks in part to my previous post regarding the Denver Pride Parade, I was asked by PFLAG National if my family would be willing to represent Colorado in a story regarding what marriage equality means to LGBT families across the … Continue reading

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