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Reflecting on the Passing of Fred Phelps

As many of you know, Fred Phelps recently passed away.  He was the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church known for picketing funerals of Matthew Shepard and U.S. soldiers, as well as concerts and various other venues, with signs such … Continue reading

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What Does a Kid Know about Marriage … Quite a Bit, Actually.

PFLAG National filed an amicus brief with the Tenth Circuit in the marriage equality appeals.  It filed a similar brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the Prop 8 case.  Their approach is to tell stories of inequality not just … Continue reading

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Kansas: The new Hate State

In the 90s, Colorado had the dubious honor of being known as the Hate State. This occurred after three counties passed ordinances prohibiting employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and the voters promptly passed Amendment 2, prohibiting the extension of … Continue reading

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Repost: Advice and Anniversaries

I originally posted this last year on February 8, 2013. This year, I’ve managed to post something about it on the day of but since I haven’t actually written anything new, not sure that’s progress.  Still, it’s a day worth … Continue reading

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She’s supposed to kill the spiders!

Does anyone else ever wake up from a dream mad at their spouse?  This occasionally happens at our house. I’m sure no-one will be surprised the dreams are usually mine and Jodi is the target of my ire.  One would … Continue reading

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The Divine Miss M enters the teen years

January 8, 2001, 8:45 p.m. Thirteen years ago.  That’s when my whole life changed, cliché as it sounds.   I think, in hindsight, I was too young and too naive … but she arrived, anyway.  Since that moment, everything has … Continue reading

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I’m Telling Santa

I was at Target recently and overheard this conversation between two sisters. I’m terrible at guessing ages but I’m going to say, maybe 8 and 6. Eight year old, dreamily: “I’ve been dreaming of this phone since I was a … Continue reading

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What exactly are you supporting?

It’s been an interesting week.  The Divine Miss M won her school spelling bee, for which we are very proud, and have now descended into the hell mire of studying for the Regional Bee.  Also, Jodi’s birthday was yesterday.  Her … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, You Happy Dumba**es!

Years ago, while the Bean Counter and I were at our respective jobs clearly accomplishing a lot, we had a long email conversation with the Labor Coach. At some point, it became the stuff of legends, at least in our … Continue reading

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Losing & Winning

Searching for a job is obviously the last level of hell. I once thought it was moving – you know, the perpetual packing and the boxes and the paper and the junk that multiplies even as you’re trying to purge … Continue reading

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