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The Real New Year

As a parent, the first day of school is ‘the new year’ to me.  January 1st seems almost trivial in comparison.  It’s August that holds the promise and excitement of starting over as you help them assemble school supplies, notebooks, … Continue reading

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Losing & Winning

Searching for a job is obviously the last level of hell. I once thought it was moving – you know, the perpetual packing and the boxes and the paper and the junk that multiplies even as you’re trying to purge … Continue reading

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Sometimes I talk too much and other realizations

Oh my good gracious, I have to be the worst interviewee on the planet.  Seriously, are there people out there who actually do this well?  Ay yi yi. As you may have concluded, I just finished a job interview.  Unlike … Continue reading

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These are not the droids you’re looking for …

Recently I’ve begun sending out resumes and applying for new jobs.  Starting a new firm in a place where you don’t know anyone is difficult, to say the least. We’re actually doing pretty well getting our name out there. Our … Continue reading

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Through the Years: A First Day Chronology

My last post reflected on my grandmother who passed away on Wednesday of this week.  In the midst of sadness, it is nice to celebrate fresh starts and new beginnings, even if they result in eye rolls from the 12-year-old who … Continue reading

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Advice and Anniversaries

The best advice I ever received in my life is this: “You don’t have to ride the truck all the way to the dump to know where it’s going.” I took my last drink of alcohol on February 7, 2007.  … Continue reading

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Lessons from Our Children

It’s humbling, isn’t it, when our kids are braver than we are?  In the past three months, I’ve received a startling lesson from the Divine Miss M about courage, or maybe about never learning to be closed-off. I’ve learned plenty … Continue reading

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Paper Cup Purpose

We made our first trip to the Boulder Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. Let me just say, Wow!  We had a Farmer’s Market in Oklahoma City but Boulder’s was an altogether different experience.  It was awesome!  And we happened upon a philosophical … Continue reading

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Moving as the Beverly Hillbillies

We’re here!!  But wow, actually getting out of the State of Oklahoma was almost as difficult as living in it.  Almost. There was the last week of work, the perpetually angry 11-year-old, the ginormous two-day moving sale, the furious 11-year-old, the packers coming … Continue reading

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Personal shoppers for chosen tribes

I would like to hire someone – an individual, small business, large corporation, other-worldly being, I really don’t care so long as they can show us how to relocate.  I realize there are websites a’plenty that map out moving to the … Continue reading

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