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Observations From a Temporarily Childless Home

We have reached the end of week one of the Divine Miss M’s two-week sleep-away camp.  I can’t help but notice a few strange occurrences. 1.  Even though only 1/3 of our usual residents is missing, food lasts twice as … Continue reading

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Scenes from my Boulder

Exactly.  Lousy day?  Stop, look around and remember where you are!  I love the Sink, I do.  But the main reason I took this was anything that says, “Welcome to the Anxiety Chamber” probably belongs outside the door of the … Continue reading

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Scenes from my Boulder

Much as I love our move and the Boulder area itself, I do miss my friends, my family and I so miss the familiarity of living somewhere for over a decade.  But those feelings are assuaged by knowing all of this is right here at … Continue reading

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