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I’m Telling Santa

I was at Target recently and overheard this conversation between two sisters. I’m terrible at guessing ages but I’m going to say, maybe 8 and 6. Eight year old, dreamily: “I’ve been dreaming of this phone since I was a … Continue reading

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Losing & Winning

Searching for a job is obviously the last level of hell. I once thought it was moving – you know, the perpetual packing and the boxes and the paper and the junk that multiplies even as you’re trying to purge … Continue reading

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Adoption Day! – “Why do you think she’ll be a good parent?”

When this post hits my blog, my family will be in a courtroom where Jodi is officially adopting the Divine Miss M.  She will finally be recognized as a full and equal parent under the law and soon, we’ll all … Continue reading

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Parenting Moments When You Know You Haven’t Totally Screwed This Up

Every now and then in the midst of the everyday and the good and bad parenting moments, you’ll have a moment of parental magic.  Usually the moment has little to do with you and everything to do with your child … Continue reading

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I can’t ‘have gone’ if I never ‘go’

I loathe running, which some might think odd since I’m a runner. I adore pancakes, which no-one would think odd unless they’re weird.  Because pancakes are … well, they’re pancakes, they speak for themselves. Also, they have little to do … Continue reading

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Adventures at the DMV

I went to get a Colorado driver’s license this morning.  My visit lasted over two hours.  Yes, over TWO hours.  And involved flies and maybe zombies.  All the better since I already possess a CO driver’s license.  However, since I … Continue reading

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Defining a Grandmother

My parents were very young when I was born, as I’ve mentioned before.  As they grew into adults, they were as different as two people could be, as were their respective families.  My mom’s side of the family, which I … Continue reading

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Grandparent’s Day?

Did everyone else know there was a Grandparent’s Day?  Apparently there is and it falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day.  I may be in the minority but I was unaware of that until last week.  This means, of … Continue reading

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