Cast of Characters

Within this blog, I reference many people in my life.  The only one I reference by name is Jodi. According to the laws of the State of Colorado, I’m not actually supposed to refer to her as my spouse but instead, as my “partner in a civil union.”  We often mock the utter absurdity in that by referring to each other as our PICU.

the Divine Miss M – our marvelously sassy 13-year-old daughter.

My Chosen Tribe:

the Labor Coach, the Bean Counter and the Dancer – my closest circle of girlfriends in Oklahoma.  I miss them horribly.

Growing Colorado Tribe:

the Non-Conformist – one of the Divine’s close friends and co-creator of the Shoe of Society. She is as strong, independent and forward-thinking as her moniker indicates.

the Artist – because she is in fact an artist but she also works for a software company so she’s a little bit geeky as well.  Additionally, she and I ran in the Boulder Flood 2013 because we’re bad a**es.

the Actress – daughter of the Artist and close friend to the Divine Miss M. Aptly named because she already sees her name in lights and therefore so do we.

the Reader – lovely friend who made me laugh the second time I met her when she described a racy novel she’d been reading and explained, “I keep thinking, I’ve been reading high-brow crap my whole life while THIS is entertainment.”

the Sadist – woman who recruits people for her running group so she can order them to run in 5 degree weather and also floods coach them.  I haven’t directly mentioned her yet but I will someday.  Mostly, I just used this opportunity to point out I recognize her sadistic tendencies.

Long Distance Friends:

the Cellist – because she is in fact a cellist and her cello’s name is Viktor.  I met her the first year I attended the MWMF when M was a baby and before she had two mini-cellists.  We’ve spent many hours at the music tent together listening to CDs and I still spontaneously laugh when I think about some of our memories.  Though we’ve visited each other in three different states, we’ve never lived in the same one.  But hers is a friendship worth maintaining long distance.

the Master – a friend since childhood who recently obtained her Master’s degree.  She’s also superb at delivering honest and witty snark, thus making her moniker appropriate in more ways than one.

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  1. The Cartographer says:

    Don’t forget the upside down Peters Projection Mapmaker, still in The Bible Belt…sigh.

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