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That Far Into Life

Occasionally the Divine Miss M will say something simple yet profound and I am reminded at how complicated we adults make life. I don’t fixate on the life of celebrities, at least in comparison to our culture as a whole. … Continue reading

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The Ultimate F Word

      And I told you to be patient And told you to be fine And I told you to be balanced And I told you to be kind … Ed Sheeran  When the Divine Miss M was in … Continue reading

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A notable excerpt as the dominoes fall

Over the past year, I haven’t done a blog post when a state’s same-sex marriage ban has fallen.  However, it has been an amazing thing to watch.  I try to concentrate on the positives of each victory.  Inevitably the subsequent photos … Continue reading

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The Time I Lost it in Arkansas

I don’t like confrontation and take great pains to avoid it.  But even the least confrontational among us can be pushed too far … especially when it comes to protecting our children. I was reminded of this when reading a blog … Continue reading

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Repost: Reflections on a Union May 1, 2013

One year ago this morning, it was snowing outside, the ground already covered with a few inches that had fallen overnight, and I was having breakfast at The Buff with my new spouse (technically, ‘party to a civil union’ but *eye-roll*) … Continue reading

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The Shoe of Society

The Divine Miss M and her dear friend, the Non-Conformist*, made this Shoe of Society collage this weekend. In their words, the left side represents societal views of women, dominated by pink. The right side represents more independent thinking, accomplishments, “some … Continue reading

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The Voices in My Head – My Messy Beautiful

We are not careful with each other, or with ourselves. On paper, my life is impressive. Or maybe it’s more that the paper in my life is impressive. On my walls hang diplomas – Bachelor of Arts, Juris Doctorate (With … Continue reading

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Embarrassing Mom Moments – the Porn Wolves

They do it when you least expect it. The Divine Miss M’s elementary school always had Open House about a week after school started.  I had particular fondness for Open House. Meet the teacher, find out the new class rules … Continue reading

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Ignoring Birth Control as Health Care

I am oddly prudish about discussing anything female-related and discussing sex. I am way too old to feel this way.  Even discussing these things with my Chosen Tribe, I find myself whispering and looking over my shoulder to make sure … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the Passing of Fred Phelps

As many of you know, Fred Phelps recently passed away.  He was the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church known for picketing funerals of Matthew Shepard and U.S. soldiers, as well as concerts and various other venues, with signs such … Continue reading

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