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After living in Oklahoma for far too many years, my partner, Jodi, and I, both attorneys, decided to leave in search of community and freedom.  We landed in Boulder, Colorado.  With us, we  dragged the Divine Miss M, our then 11-year-old daughter who was somewhat disgruntled but occasionally got excited in spite of herself.  We also brought two dogs and one very fat cat, the Mogwai.  I originally started this blog to chronicle the excitement and exhilaration, trials and tribulations of moving our family from Oklahoma City to Boulder.  For two people who had been painstakingly responsible and left with the sketchiest of plans, this was a giant leap of faith.  But the only thing I resist more than change is cowardice.  So, I dragged myself through it kicking and screaming … and a little writing to maintain my sanity.

A couple of years later I can say the move liberated all three of us.  After years of being hesitant and unsure, I have embraced my independence, my own intelligence, being a member of the LGBT community and become less apologetic about using my legal background and sharing my views.  And probably my favorite thing in the world is watching our 13-year-old grow into an independent and strong-willed woman in her own right.

Those are the things I write about here – Parenting, Social/Legal Issues, Equality and People.  Basically, life with a feminist flair.


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  1. Jean Eno says:

    Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable. We can be as optimistic as we want, but the sad truth is we are as divided as any group of peoples could be. Us vs. Them. I’m disheartened to think I will end up in the dirt without it ever being any different. To all those who are confronted by such gross bigotry (ANY bigotry), I am on your side and will always fight against this sickness of hatred, racism and bigotry.

  2. Jean Eno says:

    Sorry for commenting on ‘About Me’, I jumped from the recent blog post to read your profile! Duh.

    • Jen says:

      No worries! I’ve been trying to figure out how to move it to the actual page it went with. I’m sure someone more tech savvy than I could figure it out. ; )

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