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A notable excerpt as the dominoes fall

Over the past year, I haven’t done a blog post when a state’s same-sex marriage ban has fallen.  However, it has been an amazing thing to watch.  I try to concentrate on the positives of each victory.  Inevitably the subsequent photos … Continue reading

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The Time I Lost it in Arkansas

I don’t like confrontation and take great pains to avoid it.  But even the least confrontational among us can be pushed too far … especially when it comes to protecting our children. I was reminded of this when reading a blog … Continue reading

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Repost: Reflections on a Union May 1, 2013

One year ago this morning, it was snowing outside, the ground already covered with a few inches that had fallen overnight, and I was having breakfast at The Buff with my new spouse (technically, ‘party to a civil union’ but *eye-roll*) … Continue reading

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