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Explaining Inequality to Children

Earlier today I was discussing with another attorney the Utah and Oklahoma Tenth Circuit appeals regarding same-sex marriage. He asked me if it was hard to explain our family to our daughter or Jodi’s role in her life since I’m … Continue reading

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Kansas: The new Hate State

In the 90s, Colorado had the dubious honor of being known as the Hate State. This occurred after three counties passed ordinances prohibiting employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and the voters promptly passed Amendment 2, prohibiting the extension of … Continue reading

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Repost: Advice and Anniversaries

I originally posted this last year on February 8, 2013. This year, I’ve managed to post something about it on the day of but since I haven’t actually written anything new, not sure that’s progress. ┬áStill, it’s a day worth … Continue reading

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