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Observations From a Temporarily Childless Home

We have reached the end of week one of the Divine Miss M’s two-week sleep-away camp.  I can’t help but notice a few strange occurrences. 1.  Even though only 1/3 of our usual residents is missing, food lasts twice as … Continue reading

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Summer Camp Sendoff

So, you know how I was really, really, really ready for the Divine Miss M to go to camp?  You know what will stop a mom in her tracks no matter how far beyond the end of her rope she … Continue reading

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A Brutally (Possibly Too) Honest Moment About Parenting

Always, every second of every moment of every day with every part of myself, I love my daughter. But sometimes, during those seconds and moments and parts, I truly don’t like her very much. Before I had a child, I … Continue reading

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