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Scenes from my Boulder

Exactly.  Lousy day?  Stop, look around and remember where you are!  I love the Sink, I do.  But the main reason I took this was anything that says, “Welcome to the Anxiety Chamber” probably belongs outside the door of the … Continue reading

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Living in a Swing State

Living in Oklahoma, any vote I cast in an election was irrelevant – Democrat, Republican, Independent, didn’t matter.  Oklahoma will always go red in a national election, certainly in a Presidential election and, as of the last decade or so, … Continue reading

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Mean Girls

The Divine Miss M has officially started middle school.  Interesting years those.  Most of us generally leave middle school with great memories of that unique time in our lives, of friends, fun, silliness, endless laughter, carefree days.  It’s the real transition from children to teenagers. … Continue reading

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Outrunning depression

I haven’t been able to write anything lately, though not for lack of effort.  After a while, Jo and my best friend suggested I write about the why because if I couldn’t write anything else, I might at least be … Continue reading

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