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Heroes, hope and humanity in Aurora

People are inherently good. This is a statement I make to my daughter quite frequently, even on occasions when it is a struggle internally to force the words out.  The Divine Miss M has, unfortunately, caught on to some of my cynicism.  Ironically, … Continue reading

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Scenes from my Boulder

Much as I love our move and the Boulder area itself, I do miss my friends, my family and I so miss the familiarity of living somewhere for over a decade.  But those feelings are assuaged by knowing all of this is right here at … Continue reading

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Paper Cup Purpose

We made our first trip to the Boulder Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. Let me just say, Wow!  We had a Farmer’s Market in Oklahoma City but Boulder’s was an altogether different experience.  It was awesome!  And we happened upon a philosophical … Continue reading

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Moving as the Beverly Hillbillies

We’re here!!  But wow, actually getting out of the State of Oklahoma was almost as difficult as living in it.  Almost. There was the last week of work, the perpetually angry 11-year-old, the ginormous two-day moving sale, the furious 11-year-old, the packers coming … Continue reading

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Hoarders but not second class

When I finally sat down to write for the first time in forever, I intended to write some witty prose about the madness of this last week before the move, the whole new levels of exhaustion we have discovered, the … Continue reading

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