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Personal shoppers for chosen tribes

I would like to hire someone – an individual, small business, large corporation, other-worldly being, I really don’t care so long as they can show us how to relocate.  I realize there are websites a’plenty that map out moving to the … Continue reading

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Bears in my trash can

I continue to find fascinating and  enlightening information regarding living in Boulder.  The latest from my information packet?  How to avoid bears at your house.  Although, actually, it doesn’t tell you how to avoid them so much as inform you that they are indeed coming.  Notably, part … Continue reading

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College parties ain’t what they used to be

Went to Colorado this weekend to accomplish a few essential things, including seeing the  house we rented.  We are re-entering the world of renters for one year until our office is established (*crossing fingers*) and we have a better idea of where in Boulder we want … Continue reading

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Growing up and moving on

See that handshake?  That one right there?             With that handshake, the Divine Miss M officially said, “So long” to Fifth Grade and “Hello!” to middle school. As with all things parenting, it’s bittersweet. I anticipated … Continue reading

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No more crazy bosses, at least

Less than two months after we decided for sure that we were going to move, I found out a position was open in Denver for what I considered a dream attorney job and promptly sent in my resume, writing samples, recommendations.  … Continue reading

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